How to Leverage you Uniswap V3 position

To leverage your position first you need to have one.

You can go directly to or use the button on to go directly to the needed liquidity pool.

Once you have an active Uniswap V3 position it will be shown in the interface. You can also check how much fees you have earned and what is current distribution of your liquidity.

Whenever you are ready to create leveraged position just click the "Leverage" button as shown on the screen below.

Then a modal window will open so you can configure:

  1. Which asset you would like to borrow to create leverage – read this article

  2. How much leverage you would like to have

Once you set all the parameters just click "Leverage Position" button and confirm transaction in your wallet.

When transaction is confirmed you will see your position in "Your leveraged Positions" section.

Congratulations! Now you've unleashed the power of the Uniswap position!

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